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16.9.6 The History of the Muamrite Race

Previous to the Age of Awakening, humans were the only race found in western Aetherius. As Diachaim flowed throughout the lands after the moons' breaking, new races were instantly born while the transformations were gradual in others.

The latter led to the creation of the muamrites. In 310 AA, a group of pacifist humans were cast out of Stavenn by the Noctusari, marched to the desert, and left to die. Death from exposure, desert animals, and thirst decimated their numbers in a matter of two days. On the third day, facing utter annihilation, the survivors discovered a small oasis. Adapting, the few remaining people learned to survive in the harsh environment. Led by Gelor Antioch, the group founded the desert village of Antioch.

Over the course of several years, the Antiochians' skins darkened from exposure to the hot desert sun. Shockingly, the first son of Gelor was born in Antioch with jet black skin. Gelor named his first son Muam. Shortly after, many other newborns within the borders of Antioch were also born with varying degrees of darkened skin. The citizens of Antioch saw them as a boon from the gods. Surely the divine had seen their plight and blessed their descendents with protection from the sun, marking them as the future of their city.

This new species of human began to be referred to as muamrites, named after the first son of the leader that had led them to safety. muamrites were typically slightly smaller and more compact then the average human. They have learned to hide in the desert environment and attack with great speed in order to capture the rare animal prey of the desert in the early days of Antioch.

Muamrites may have had a humble beginning in the desert sands, but they can now be found in every city, guild, and corner of Aetherius.