The Diabolist Profession - Imperian Online Help

9.4.7 The Diabolist Profession

Armour: Ringmail. Leather limb armor.

Main Stat: Balance.

Balance Type: Balance.

Evileye - This is your primary skillset for offense, both in PvE and in PvP. With nothing more than strength of will and a firm gaze, a diabolist can cause a target to hemorrhage and bleed, or bring down a plethora of maladies on a person. Balance determines how quickly you will be able to do these things.

Necromancy - The power to conquer death, and exist beyond it. Necromancy is your support skillset. There are some few offensive abilities as well, but for the most part this skillset is utilitarian in nature, and survival oriented.

Malignosis - With immersion into the demonic plane comes power... at a price. With the study of Malignosis a diabolist can create or summon demons to their side. Particularly the serpentine ouroboros, which can, with extended study of the skill, tear the very soul asunder from its mortal coil. This is almost solely a PvP skillset, though some survivability and utility comes from it as well.

Combat Focus: Afflictions and mana pressure. With toxins on your demonic daegger, and afflictions from evileye, the goal is to afflict the target heavily, allowing for the use of infirmities, each of which increases the threshold on their mana based instakill, (AB MALIGNOSIS CATHARSIS), by a further 10%. 

Artifacts made for this profession:
- Zydramir Journal: 300 Credits
- Reduces essence loss by 1/2.

Daeggers: (These will increase the damage done by ritualism skills.) 
   A bloodstone daegger:  300 credits  (10% faster)
   A scourgebone daegger: 700 credits  (15% faster)
   A Sukhder daegger:     1500 credits (20% faster)