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The Defilers

Through the knowledge of the flame-seared treant Roudimus of Al'Drym, and the willingness of the leaders of the Khandavan Council, the skills of the Defilers were passed from the corrupted to the willing in the year 651 AD. The Defilers combine the ferocity of nature with the cruelty of the demonic arts through the skills of Torment, Shadowbinding, and Desecration.

By using the energy from the moon of Terror, Sukhder, the talented Defiler will store and manipulate the "haze" in order to cloud themselves in shadows and mists. With this skill, a Defiler uses the haze to bind afflictions and mental hindrances to their victim, preparing them for the torture to follow.

Within Torment, Defilers will make use of an imbued wooden flail and every one of their abilities to wreak havoc upon the mind and bodies of their victims. Finding an ally in a demonic hound and happiness in using a victim's shadow to further harm their delicate mental and physical state, the only proper end for the tormented soul is a rough and messy beheading.

Calling upon the Pit to allow trees and plants to grow within a demonic atmosphere, the skill of Desecration displays the result of such experimentation. As a seed grows, it becomes an infested tree, and useful when coupled with a twisted spore during a demonic ritual. Through communing with the demonic side of nature, Defilers are able to turn their limbs into branches and use their treants' heart in dire times. If completely in control, Defilers can order their treants to implant in the most unnatural of locations - their opponent's body.