The Creation of Mortals - Imperian Online Help

16.1 The Creation of Mortals

All things living exist in two forms: spiritual and physical. It is the 
combination of these two forms that creates intelligent, learning life. 
Without our spiritual form, we would be as empty as the stones or the   
illusions cast by magick, and without our physical form, our existence  
would stagnate. We were not always this ideal combination of matter and 
spirit. In the beginning, it was different.                             

When the Creator first fashioned the universe, the planets, and the     
beings that inhabit them, He first created them in pure, spiritual      
matter. All things living were fashioned as such; the animals, the      
plants, and the planets themselves all existed in a perfect, pure form. 

The creator was unhappy with this form of life. These spiritual forms   
held intelligence, but lacked the ability to learn, to experience and   
advance beyond this state. There was no progression for His creations.  
They could feel nothing; they could not grow beyond the bounds set by   
their spiritual forms. In spirit, they could not experience happiness or
sorrow, not the pains of defeat or the ecstasy of success. In spirit    
alone, His creations could not develop into what He knew they could     
eventually become.                                                      

Thus the creator fashioned physical matter as hosts for his spiritual   
creations. All living beings could now grow and progress. We could now  
learn through trials and experiences, through pain and joy. Not only did
His creations have intelligence, but through their physical bodies they 
could advance their knowledge and understanding far beyond the limits of
their spiritual beings.