TEAM FREE-FOR-ALL - Imperian Online Help


A team free-for-all is a team-based event which takes place in the      
Arena. The players are split into several teams - there can be two,     
three or four teams in the event. Once the event starts, the teams fight
against each other. When only members of one team are left alive in the 
arena, that team wins.                                                  

The event can be set up either so that players can pick the team that   
they want to be in, or players can be auto-assigned to teams based on   
their might, to provide more balanced teams. If the option to pick a    
team is provided, it is optional - if a player does not pick a team, he 
will be auto-assigned.                                                  

The status of the battle can be viewed using ES <arena>, just like with 
other arena events. Each player is displayed using the color of the team
that he is in.