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The skill of Tattoos is an ancient one, having been discovered and perfected by the earliest Sylayans. Using special dry-powder inks made from berries and roots, the tattoo artist inscribes, with a needle, various types of symbols onto a body (his own, or another's).

It has been discovered by scholars of Aetherius that tattoos are replicas of symbols blessed by the Divine themselves. When sketching one of these symbols, the artist is drawing upon the essence of the Divine which inhabits the very air we breathe. The essence is projected into the tattoos, empowering them with the abilities associated with each image.

Each type of tattoo requires a different combination of inks. In order to ink a tattoo, the syntax is: INK <tattoo> ON <body part> OF <player/me>. The available body parts are: head, torso, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg. You can also specify the special location ANY, which will pick the first available location on which to ink the resulting tattoo. Inking a tattoo requires that you have the proper inks in your inventory, and it will take approximately 25 seconds, during which neither the inker nor the inkee may do anything. Usually, one may find ink for sale at the various markets in the land.

Without training in tattoos you may only have one tattoo on each body part. As you learn more of Tattoos skill, the ability to ink a second tattoo on each location will open up at different skillranks. At transcendent you gain the ability Superscribe, which gives tattoos with a limited number of uses more uses than someone without superscribe would have. A tattoo may be wiped off your body by doing WIPE OFF <tattoo>.

Tattoos come in a number of varieties. Most you will TOUCH in order to use, while others will work automatically under certain circumstances. Some tattoos have a limited number of uses, while some have a chance of wearing off after each use.

Typing TATTOOS will show you what tattoos you currently bear.

Things of note:

- Many tattoos can be inked on you by Reverie, a tattooist that lives in the Western Nolmine mountains, for a small fee of gold. See HELP REVERIE
- Everyone see the list of inks required for a tattoo, regardless of skillrank by using AB TATTOOS <tattooname>.
- It is possible to get permanent tattoos.  The syntax is shown in the HELP MISC ARTIFACTS file as well as the scroll in  Reverie's shop.