TAROT - Imperian Online Help


Tarot is the occult skill of inscribing magickal cards with various inks in order to create a powerful image. Each of the major arcana of the Tarot deck is represented here. To use the skill, you must first find some blank tarot cards and store them in a card deck.

Once you have a blank card in a suitable deck, you can FLING <card type> at <target>/ground. Blank cards will automatically acquire the appropriate image. Some cards require you to fling the card at a target, some at the ground.

Tarot cards are usually stored in decks. Each deck can store up to 6 different kinds of card. Attempting to fling a card will automatically remove the card from your deck, but you can also use IND/OUTD <#> <card> to put cards in and take cards out of your deck(s). For example: OUTD 1 MAGICIAN will find a deck with that type and take one out (or inscribe the image on a blank one, if you don't have any). Also, to see a listing of all the cards in all your decks, you may use DECKLIST (or DL for short).