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16.9.11 The History of the Tanari Race

The tanari are the direct descendants of the original human inhabitants of Aetherius. Before the breaking of the moons, humankind congregated around the cities of Cannae and Stavenn. When Caanae was smashed by the orc forces, the residents were scattered across the continent. Stavenn took many Caananites as refugees while countless others fled into the wilderness. Over time some humans, like the muamrites and norrjin, evolved to better deal with the harsh environments. Mortals slowly realized what was happening and in Stavenn a movement was formed to ensure those original humans never mingled with the 'lesser' races.

The leader of the movement was a man named Jericho Geiger. He argued that the moons and magick had polluted the blood of the human race. He stated the original race created by the divine was perfect and the tragic events of the breaking damaged many pure things in the world. He preached that in order to preserve the perfect race and guarantee the survival of your descendants, was to keep your bloodline pure and free of any outside influence.

While this may or may not be true, his movement gained traction and over the course of many years and caused much strife within Stavenn, until Jericho was slain by tanari assassins who sympathized with other races.