Taming - Imperian Online Help


Taming is the skill used to train wild animals to help modern man. From
the ferocious guard dog to the powerful warhorse, all animals can
benefit mortal kind through diligent training.
Animals must first be captured by use of the lasso. If one has learned
the basics of Taming, a rope may be used to capture most wild animals.
To do so, obtain a rope, WIELD ROPE, and then LASSO <animal>. Those who
have learned the skill of Trailblazing and Pioneering will also be able to BEFRIEND animals.
Most wild animals tend to disagree with being roped and will fight the
process until they can hold out no longer. One tactic is to beat the
animal, before attempting to rope it, in an effort to wear it out first.
Once they submit, you will be able to begin the training.

All pets will start with the skill obey, which they will already do to a
certain level. Of course not all pets will obey well at first, and some
pets will never obey well, despite how much training you give them in
this skill. With the skill obey, you are able to use the following

ORDER <animal> MOVE <dir>
- Use this to direct the animal where to go.

- Trained animals will follow you, but not other players, unless they
  have been trained to do so.

- This command will have the pet stop whatever it has been ordered to

ORDER <animal> DROP <item>
- Your pet will drop whatever it is carrying.

ORDER <animal> CALM
- If your pet decided to flip out and run around like mad, try to calm
From this point you can teach your pet many different skills, based on
your skill level in the art of taming. You can read about the varied
commands in the AB files. Not all pets can learn all skills. For
example, a squirrel is never going to learn how to fly, or to swoop,
just as a raven will not learn how to dig, or yank people into the
trees. If you have purchased or acquired a pet via other means, you will
have to ask a trainer how to command your companion.
In addition, a pet can only learn a certain number of skills, usually 4
or 5, although some rare animals can learn up to 10 skills. This does
not mean they do not have more then 10 skills they can learn, but they
can only handle knowing so many skills at once. If you would like your
pet to forget a skill and begin a new one, then you must TRAIN <pet> TO
FORGET <skill> and this will open a skill slot for your pet.

A good trainer will keep their companions fed. Use FEED <animal> PELLET
to do so. You can get pellets in most kennels and stables.
If you should leave Imperian, you must make sure to place your animal in
either the kennel, or in the stable. Mounts must go in the stables,
everything else may be placed in the kennels. The commands are STABLE
<animal> or KENNEL <animal> and STABLE RELEASE <animal> or KENNEL
RELEASE <animal>. Stables will charge 8 gold per Imperian day to house
your mounts, and kennels will charge 4 gold per day.

If you have trained a pet and wish to give or sell it to another player,
you will use the GRANT <animal> TO <player> command. If you are not
transcendent when transferring a pet, the pet will lose some of its hard
earned skills. If you wish to release a pet into the wilds, you may use
the RELEASE <pet> command.

If you have an unwanted pet in a kennel or a stable, you may release it directly from there using KENNEL/STABLE RELEASE <animal> FREE, without having to pay the usual fees.

If your pet is in a kennel or stable you don't have access to, and you'd like to transfer it to a kennel or stable you do, you can use KENNEL/STABLE TRANSFER <pet> to move it to the stable in which you stand. The cost is based on the length of time that pet has been under care, and is higher than the fee associated with releasing it.

Players that are Transcendent in Taming will gain a 10% bonus when
ordering their pets that are not fully trained to do something, and
will also be able to train their own pets to learn one more skill than
can usually be learned by that animal. All pets can only learn a
maximum of 10 skills.