Tailoring Approval Rules - Imperian Online Help

20.4.2 Tailoring Approval Rules

In addition to the general rules of designing, there are several rules
specific to the tradeskill of Tailoring. Following these will make your
life much easier, as your design is far more likely to be approved. This
list is by no means exhaustive. Common sense should rule any pattern you

I. You may describe your item as in a state of being worn. 

II. Do not use the word "wearer" or directly refer to the person wearing
it or the intended wearer, even if the item is a custom one. Make the
design about the item, not how it interacts with the person that could
wear it. Phrases such as "This dress will flatter the bride's skin tone
on her wedding day" will merely lead to a rejection from the Crafting
Guild. Additionally, due to the variation in races within Aetherius,
items may not refer to "skin" or "flesh." Note that you -may- include
references to fur, flesh, or scales but if you do the design must be
customized to restrict it only to those races which have such a body

III. While there is some leeway in terms of allowable materials and
techniques, stay away from anything too modern or outlandish. At this
time, the following materials and techniques are forbidden by the
crafting guild: Dupioni, jean, latex, lycra, nylon, plastic, spandex,
spidersilk, polyester, pleather, rayon, chitin, "Burnout" technique,    
neon, anything that looks magick.

IV. You may not have embroidered words in the description of your item.
For example, you cannot have the words "I am an excellent cook!" in the
examined description of an apron. You will be able to embroider these
words on the finished design if you are a transcendent tailor. You can,
however, describe the style of the embroidery, the color of the thread
and its type, and the placement of it in the description of the item.

V. Tailored items really need to be made mostly of cloth or leather for 
certain items. Masks are an exception due to the fact that they have wood as a component.                                                              

VI. "Modern" clothing styles are not allowed. Think medieval in origin,
with some leniency up until the 1700's. Examples: Halter tops, cargo
pants, racer tops, thongs, dusters, mini-skirts, capri pants, crop
pants, bikinis, overalls.
Note: Tuxedos are an exception.

VII. Items made from skin should specify where the skin came from. In
the case of elves (sidhe and sylayan) it should probably be noted from
which it came from. A sidhe may be willing to wear a sylayan skin
jacket, but not a sidhe skin jacket would be a reason why the
specification is preferred.