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Formed by a group of Mages loyal to Celidon during a Triple Eclipse, the Stormweavers were founded under the guidance of Aakrin Krax'ai in the year 524 AD. While sharing the talents of their city brethren, the Stormweavers had a deeper bond with the Wilds and wished to study the elements according to their
own tenets.
Seekers of knowledge and understanding, the Stormweavers learn through observation and experiment. This thirst for knowledge and research is the hallmark of the Stormweavers Institute of Magickal Research. Focused on research of bounties of Nature as well as pure powers of Diachaim, the Stormweavers have taken on the mantle for leading research and exploration into the wonders of Aetherius.

In the Age of Mortals, under Ohm Krax’ai, the Stormweavers Institute of Magickal Research have been focused on studying Natural Sciences (exploration and Nature), Destruction (combat) and Inspiration (arts and philosophy) and Influence (leadership). The most learned of the Stormweavers are frequently found conducting elaborate experiments in one or more areas of studies while harnessing tremendous power of magick to be masters of their individual professions.
The Stormweavers are aligned to Celidon, as doyens and guardians of knowledge and magickal arts. They are fiercely protective of the Council and the forests while welcoming all students and scholars learning the ways of magick.