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12.2.1 STAVENN

To understand Stavenn, one must understand the unique history that makes it what it is today. Founded by Kalika Aisling way back before The Awakening, it has ancient roots as the dominant city of Aetherius. As the first prophetess of Aesir, God of War, she had a clear vision; that of a unified and trained populace with which to control the world through military action. She fled the stagnant township of Caanae with a small group of followers, and began the work of uniting the feuding tribes of the southern region.

Among the original tribes were a mountainous folk, who tapped the resources of their mountains to produce bronze and steel instruments of war. The valley adjacent to the mountainous region housed a large village of fearsome warriors. They were a previously nomadic tribe of gypsies, hardened by generations of traveling through the lands. Upon making their home in the valley, the mountainous people waged war with them, and they adapted quickly and fiercely to a truculent existence. The modern city of Stavenn is situated on the meeting grounds of these two tribes' ancestral lands, with part of the city extending up into the adjoining mountain.

As time went on, people from distant cities flocked to the city of Stavenn, seeking refuge from the hordes that ravaged the lands. They set up just on the interior of the main gates, making their little slice of Stavenn a diverse area in both architecture and culture.

After centuries of conquest, The Stavennite Empire transitioned to a Republic on the 13th Day of Vita, 77 AM. With much wealth amassed and many territories conquered, the primary goal of the Republic shifted from external conflict with opposing cities and councils of Aetherius to the building of additional infrastructure and further expansion into the surrounding territories of the Modin and the Ravana.