Statistic Altering Artifacts - Imperian Online Help

24.3.4 Statistic Altering Artifacts


Belts: (to increase constitution)
   Hunter's Belt:           400 credits  (+1 constitution)
   Girdle of the Titans:    1000 credits (+2 constitution)
   Girdle of Aesir:         2000 credits (+3 constitution)

Boots: (to increase dexterity)
   Pixie's Boots:           500 credits  (+1 dexterity)
   Boots of Dexterity:      1250 credits (+2 dexterity)
   Ethereal Boots:          2500 credits (+3 dexterity)

Gauntlets: (to increase strength)
   Ogre's Gauntlets:        500 credits (+1 strength)
   Gauntlets of Aesir:      1250 credits (+2 strength)
   Gauntlets of Avasyu:     2500 credits (+3 strength)

Sashes: (to increase intelligence)
   Scholar's Sash:          500 credits  (+1 intelligence)
   Sash of Wisdom:          1250 credits (+2 intelligence)
   Sash of Malkav:          2500 credits (+3 intelligence)

Minor Soulstones: 2 Credits 
These stones will give you a single, temporary buff. They are minor versions to the soulstones currently found in giftbags (HELP GUIFTBAGS). When you activate the item, the nugget is permanently destroyed. It is a one use item.

CRUSH <nugget> to activate the stone.

NOTE: This is a ONE USE item. They CANNOT be traded back after purchase. These items cost 2 credits and cannot be traded in. Once purchased, it is yours until you use it.

Once crushed, the effect will wear off after two hours of game time and the item is removed.


Hematite Nugget
- Gives +1 to your Strength stat.
- Lasts for 2 hours of logged-in time.

Quartz Nugget
- Gives +1 to your Intelligence stat.
- Lasts for 2 hours of logged-in time.

Malachite Nugget
- Gives +1 to your Dexterity stat.
- Lasts for 2 hours of logged-in time.

Bloodstone Nugget
- Gives +1 to your Constitution stat.
- Lasts for 2 hours of logged-in time.