Spheres - Imperian Online Help

17.27 Spheres

A game brought back by Timas, Master of Games, from his travels across every
corner of the world, Avasyuvian Spheres are powerful, and dangerous. Once the
game has been initiated, ten spheres are scattered about the world, and may be
found using the SPHERES command.
Once found, you may pick one up. A random time after the game begins, the
sphere will transform into a truesilver token, which you can take back to
Timas, in exchange for drawing from his cards for your prize. However, every so
often, a sphere will pulse with energy. If it is being held at the time, the
holder will be instantly killed.
A player carrying a sphere cannot drop it, give it to a mobile, or do anything
else except give it away to someone else. It becomes a game of skill and
bravery, as well as luck, deciding on whether to keep it, or pass it on. Two
variations exist, one in which killing the holder of a sphere or coin will
result in them dropping it, and another being able to lay claim to the item. In
this variation, dying will not cost experience. The second variation, killing a
player will not cause them to lose the sphere, but experience will be lost if
the sphere kills them.
Timas will announce when a game is going to begin, as well as its nature.
During a game, he can be found at the Dais in Ruined Caanae.