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The modern political stage is far more involved than the one facing the
original Phantoms many generations ago. The world has grown and Stavenn
is no longer the only threat facing the people of Kinsarmar. Numerous
foes battle to scour those that embrace the cause of magick from
existence. To meet these battles a guild of Spectres has arisen to

Possessing the original Phantom ability of Sabotage, along with Spatium
and Hypnosis, the Spectres use and manipulate shadows to find and
destroy those that would hide among them. The guild tirelessly seeks out
and pursues their enemies, discovering secrets and bringing swift death
to those that bring harm upon their city and allies. Their loyalty to
the ruler of Kinsarmar is fierce, serving as a private attack force in
times of need. The members of this organization also serve as the city's
spy network, countering plots wherever they might be laid.

The home of the Spectre guild can be seen from a distance as the
spiraling marble Ghost Tower that dominates half of Kinsarmar's southern
skyline. The constant mists and echoing winds that surround the location
pay tribute to the countless years and untold secrets harbored within.