SPARS, SPARON/OFF, and SPARWHO - Imperian Online Help


SPARWHO will list all fellow members of the Aetherian Combat Rankings   
who are within 400 points of yourself, and therefore able to be         
challenged. They will be sorted by their indicated readiness to spar.   
Those who are looking for a spar and are also in an arena staging room  
will be indicated with three stars and listed first, followed by those  
actively seeking a spar with one star, and finally everyone else who is 
within your challenge range.                                            

SPARON will mark that you are actively looking for a spar at the moment,
while SPAROFF will remove you from those actively seeking combat.       
Those who are shrouded, phased, on another plane, or otherwise not      
appearing on the who list will not show on SPARWHO unless they have     
indicated they are looking for a spar with the SPARON command.          

Your spar setting is cleared if you leave the realms, meaning that you
must use the SPARON command every time you visit the realms, assuming
you wish to seek a spar.