THE SILVARI GUILD - Imperian Online Help


As the years became decades, the group of Druids known as the Arboreals began to change. Some felt that these changes were beginning to draw the guild away from that which they swore to cherish and maintain with politics and personal advancement seemingly taking precedence over the tending of the Wilds. Factions began to appear within the guild, when the order came from above for the removal of all Druids who made their home in Celidon Council. Strong in their resolve, the group refused the demand to abandon their home and kin and stood in defiance against the order, the consequences being their removal from the Arboreals.

Without a guild to house them, they began wandering aimlessly about the lands whilst searching for answers from the land and the spirits. Within the caverns of Celidon, the home that had always welcomed them with open arms, they began to band together and organize themselves. Free to explore their heritage, they began to look to the past to find their future. They returned to their roots, remembering the true origins of the Druids and the oaths and promises made to the Wild One by the first Druids. With time and Her guidance, they realized their role in nature isn't just physical, but spiritual, too, and began to move in this direction, becoming wiser in the ways of the spirits as well as the traditional values of the Druid.

Many years later, the Silvari Druids began changing again. Finding themselves unable to bond with animal spirits any longer, they learned to be independent, harnessing the energies of the Earth and the Air to their advantage, strengthening the druids in entirely new ways. Their past affinity with the Great Trees allows them to control the roots of their linked trees for a variety of effects. No longer relying heavily on their groves despite still having them, the Silvari Druids also learned to survive the harsh nature of the wilds without the aid of animal spirits.

Despite difficulty, they managed to hold their own, and the Silvari Druids matured, finally becoming adept at their new-found abilities. The Silvari then felt it was time to move forward and start afresh. As such, at the beginning of the year 31 AM, the Silvari welcomed Renegades into their guild. Opening themselves up to different points of view, as well as trading strengths. The newborn Silvari gained perspective, and always work to support one another. One thing never changed, however. Their passion and resolve stand strong despite the changes throughout time. The Silvari would always watch over nature and the wilds, nurturing it and protecting it against any who may seek to harm the nature of the wilds.

In the year 126 AM, the Hunter's guild joined the Silvari ranks, making a pact to uphold the beliefs of both guild; the devotion to the wilderness being the unifying bond in which the new guild draws its strength from.