Shop Shelves - Imperian Online Help

6.11.2 Shop Shelves

In order to sell items, you will need to utilise the shelves in your shop. Shelves are containers which store the items for sale. There are 2 unique shelves that will be covered later. Each shelf can hold up to 50 items.

If you are skilled in Tailoring, Jewelry, Woodcrafting, Cooking, Masonry or Metalworking you are able to place your approved tradeskill design on the shelf. Crafting shelves allows a shopkeeper to sell craftable designs without having to make the product before hand.

In order for one of your designs to be bought, your shop must be stocked with the required commodities needed for the pattern. On the purchase of your pattern, commodities will be automatically consumed from the shop's cache. If there is not enough commodity components available in the shop cache for a particular design, then your design will not be shown on WARES.

The decay rate of the item will be based on the skill level of the person leaving the design on the shelf.


Animal Pens allow a shop keeper to sell tameable creatures.


Shop bars allow a Libations crafter to sell their drinks to the public.


- Syntax can be obtained using SHELF.

- Additional shelves may be purchased for your shop with the SHOP PURCHASE SHELF|CRAFTSHELF> command. A standard shelf will cost 50k, which must be in hand at the time, while a Crafter's shelf will cost 100k. Existing SHELF/CRAFTSHELF can be transformed into the other for a fee with SHOP TRANSFORM <shelf#>.

- You may name your shelves to make categorizing easier with the SHELF <shelf> NAME <name> command. Goods on this shelf will be categorized under a header for all shoppers. Shelves with the same name will be grouped together under a single header. Shelf names must be at least 3 characters and can not exceed 25, spaces are acceptable.

- Shelves may be painted with SHELF <shelf> PAINT <color>. This will affect how the title line appears in wares. You may omit the colour to see a list of the available colours. Painting a shelf will cost 5,000 gold.

- You may check up on the status of your shelves with SHELF SUMMARY which will list them all, including their name, shelf type, and current inventory level of the shelf.

- Shelves may also have discounts and surcharges set on them up to 25% each with SHELF <shelf> <DISCOUNT|SURCHARGE> ADD <rate> <permission>. You may also REMOVE, CLEAR, and LIST permissions. Typing SHELF by itself will list the proper syntaxes for these commands. You can read more about what permissions may be set in HELP PERMISSIONS.

- Crafter's shelves work by holding tradeskill designs as well as commodities. A shopkeeper may place designs to which he or she has access on the shelf using ADD <design #> TO <shelf #>. Shoppers will see the item on WARES as if it were the item the pattern makes instead of the pattern itself. When they purchase it from the shop it will be made using the commodities from the shelf.

- You can also use REMOVE <design#> FROM <shelf> to take it off sale.