Shadow Lovers - Imperian Online Help

17.26 Shadow Lovers

During the Shadow Lovers game, shadows of all of the players online will be randomly placed around the world. The game runs somewhat like the Hot-and-Cold game. You will be assigned a target of one of those shadows, and your goal is to walk into the room with that shadow in order to earn a point. You can receive various clues that indicate to you how "Hot/Close" or "Cold/Far" you are from your target. After you've found that target shadow, you will be given another shadow target to find. The person with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

 - Gives you a general clue as to the location of your shadow.
 - If your shadow is more than 60 rooms away from you, the area that
   your shadow is in will be displayed. Otherwise, one of the clues
   below will be shown, giving you an indication of how close you are
   to your target's shadow.
 - This command can only be used every 10 sectonds or so.

 - Shows you your current score.

Room Distance Clues:

50+: "Are you even on the right plane of existence?"
45-49: "Are you trying to catch your friend's shadow?"
40-44: "Shadows aren't visible this far away."
35-39: "You're getting a little closer to that shadow."
30-34: "Still cool, but you're getting somewhere."
25-29: "Yay! You're about 25 rooms away."
20-24: "Spring.. It can never decide if its hot or cold."
15-19: "You're getting warmer!"
10-14: "How's it feel knowing that you're close to your goal?"
5-9:  "You're very close!"
1-4:  "Can you see the shadow yet?"
0:  "You're right on top of your friend's shadow!"