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Adapt or die. This is the fundamental lesson of the Black Wood - one all creatures that wish to survive must learn. We survive as the voice of the spirits, as our ancestors and spirits of the forest demand us to survive. 

For the guilds of the Frostbringers and the An'sheri, communing with the spirits is a way of life, one that is truly unique to the frozen pines. Their guild's unique way of life, handed down through traditions and tomes, allowed them to explore untamed and forgotten realms while learning secrets and broadening their knowledge. Deciding to combine their cultures, the Frostbringers and the An'sheri formed the Sentinels of the Frozen Pines. Their goal: preserving the way of the wilds as they are revealed to us.

Practiced by Outrider and Amazon alike, the skill of Trailblazing offers its practitioners the unparalleled ability to thrive in the harshest of environments. The Amazons and Rangers of the Sentinels fight with javelin and bow, their skills of Warding and Bowmanship giving these warriors the strength to cut through demon and mortal alike. 

Those specalizing in the Outrider profession battle while mounted upon their faithful icewyrm companion, wielding spears and tridents coated with ice or acidic bile. The Wyrmriders' terrifying prowess is aided by the very animals of the world, their Hunting skills giving them the unique ability in lending their woodland allies strength as well as providing a formidable challenge to their foes. 

Living within one of the harshest enviroments, the Ithaquan forest, the Sentinels thrive among the Frozen Pines, honing their skills and furthering our knowledge of the world, both spiritual and physical, around us.