RULING COUNCIL - Imperian Online Help


The ruling council of a city-state is generally composed of five members.
These five members are elected by the populace, via the methods described in
HELP ELECTIONS. HELP <city> will show you who the members of a ruling council

While the perceived responsibilities of a ruling council may vary in the eyes
of each citizen, it can safely be said that the ruling council must take
credit and blame for what happens to their city. While the power to actually
affect most city-related things lies in the hands of the Ministers and their
aides, it is the ruling council who chooses the leader, who appoints the
Ministers. If the Ministers or the leader is doing a poor job, it is up to the
ruling council to fix the situation.

As a member of a ruling council, you may use the following commands:

CITIZEN <person>      : Make someone a citizen of your city.
UNCITIZEN <person>    : Kick someone out of your city.
BRAND <person> ENEMY <reason>  : Brand someone an official enemy of your city.
BRAND <person> ALLY  <reason>  : Remove someone's enemy status.

FUNDS <ministry>      : See the funds level for a selected ministry. Must be
                        in the Council Room for this. Will not work on the
CITYFAVOUR <person>   : Grant your city favour to a person.
CITYDISFAVOUR <person>: Grant your city disfavour to a person.
CITY ECONSTATUS       : See some basic economic info on your city.
POLITICS              : See some helpful information on your city's 
                        political structure.
Open Referendums (see HELP REFERENDUMS)