The Roleplay channel - Imperian Online Help

15.7.1 The Roleplay channel

Standing near a NPC you want to react to whatever you're doing? Would you fancy some ichor to drip from the walls when you perform your demonic ritual of doom? The Roleplay Channel is what you use to gain the attention of any willing and helpful Docent or Celani staff.

To use this channel, you simply use RPT <message> in order to broadcast your request. Bear in mind that nobody but you, Immortals and Docents will see this request. Please use this only for roleplay requests and not to get in contact with Divine for other means.

This channel is for requesting spontaneous events, not for planning or requesting events for your organization or self. Those kinds of requests are better handled with the ORGREQUEST function, or messaging/emailing an Entity (see HELP ENTITIES).

Examples of what to use this channel for:

* You are breaking into a secure location and the virtual (or NPC) population would see you - you may wish to request they act accordingly.

* You wish to do something not supported in the code to a NPC or vNPC (virtual NPC).

* You are performing a ritual and would appreciate some appropriate environmental echoes to reflect the effects of your magick-making.

* You are performing some magick cantrips for the amusement of others, and would appreciate some environmental echoes to reflect it.

The Docent team and the Immortal staff reserve the right to ignore your roleplay request, or simply may not be available for your wishes, so don't be disheartened if you don't get the results you wish. The Docent and Immortal staff also reserve the right to take matters into their own hands regarding the roleplay you concoct - don't be disheartened if things don't go your way as a result of your roleplay request! Have fun and go with the flow, it's what they are here for.