Racial skills - Imperian Online Help

5.8 Racial skills

Each race has a selection of racial skills available to them - currently three per race. HELP <race> lists the available skills together with a brief description.

The following racial skills are available:

Be notified whenever someone moves into any nearby room. Use the command ALERTNESS ON/OFF. This skill has a lower mana drain than the equivalent Perception one.

Allows you to regain health and mana by basking in the sun. Used the command BASK.

Blood clotting 
Increases your natural clotting to stop bleeding faster. This is a passive ability.

Carrion eater 
Allows you to eat anything, not only food.

Allows you to sprint quickly in a chosen direction. Usage: DASH <direction>.

You are able to DIG and BURY items without a shovel. You can also dig faster than other races.

Allows you to eavesdrop on conversations in nearby rooms, even through closed doors. Usage: EAVESDROP <direction>.

Reserves bonus 
Provides a bonus to your reserves of health and mana.

Fear gaze 
Gaze at another player to afflict them with fear. Usage: FEARGAZE <target>.

Natural swimmer 
You can swim without the fear of drowning, and faster than the other races. This is a faster version of Fluidswim from Survival.

Become furious to increase your strength by 1 point for 15 seconds. After fury wears off, you will be slightly weaker for a short time. Usage: FURY.

Harvesting bonus 
Allows you to harvest 10% more plants.

Infravision lets you see in the dark.

Allows you to move faster in the forests. You will get one extra move per second.

Rattling is a special method of communication, understood only by others of the same race. Usage: RATTLE <message>.

Burrow yourself in the desert. Usage: BURROW DOWN, BURROW <direction>, BURROW ABOVE.

Scavenge for food in cities and on the roads. Usage: SCAVENGE.

Locate other players by their scent. Usage: SCENT. Will only work if the target is in the same area.

Cure yourself of blindness. Usage: SIGHT.

Sleep regeneration 
Increased health regeneration while sleeping.

Smithing bonus 
Gives a bonus to decay time of smithed wares.

Block many attempts to move you against your will. Usage: STAND FIRM.

Sting other players with a poisonous tail, hiting them with the formaldehyde toxin. Usage: STING <target>. This is slower than the similar Shapeshifting ability.

Swing up into the treetops. Usage: SWING UP, SWING DOWN.

Knock another player to the ground with your tail. Usage: SWEEP <target>. If your target is levitating, this skill has a slight chance of failure.

Water regeneration 
Health regeneration while in water. Provides one level of regeneration.

Water sleeping 
Ability to sleep in watery locations.

This allows you to see your surrounding even in blizzards.