PROFICIENCIES - Imperian Online Help


With this ability, you will find yourself able to specialize in specific
weapons, such as the longsword, broadsword, javelin, flail, and many others. In
order to gain proficiency, you must first seek out someone with the knowledge
to teach you that specific weapon. Once you have located such a person, you
must then ensure that you have enough lessons to persuade the teacher to teach
you. All weapon proficiencies cost 100 lessons.

The syntax that you will want to use to learn a weapon proficiency is:

  LEARN PROFICIENCY IN <weapon name> FROM <whomever>.

After you have given your lessons to the teacher, you must go out and practice
with the weapon you are seeking proficiency in. Simply go out and use the
weapon as it was intended, and eventually you will master it.

Typing PROFICIENCIES will show you what you are currently proficient in, and
what you are practicing to be proficient in.

Below is a partial list of teachers for the various weapon groups. Please note that the Imperian room number is listed after the mobile name in parentheses:

Known Proficiency teachers:

Straight, edged swords :  Rafe, the Blademaster (10157)
Sabre and Scimitar     :  Rafe, the Blademaster (10157)
Polearms and Glaive    :  Maenas, the Lost Dragoon (9078)
Axes                   :  Axemaster Balan (10160)
Hammers                :  Threlgar, the Outcast (15969)
Dagger, Dirk           :  Arymaire Decarte, the merchant mistress (she wanders)
Quarterstaff           :  Rythanis, the Herbalist (9856)

Proficiencies with no known teacher or only granted by class:

Maces, flails, etc     :  Unknown
Spear, Javelin         :  Unknown
Trident, Whip          :  Unknown