Posing - Imperian Online Help

3.8.1 Posing

Poses provide a means for your character's emotes to be persistent for a time.
If an emote has a pose associated with it, then using that emote will change
the way others in your room view you. For example, PACE has the pose "pacing."
If Danaglas types in PACE, in addition to doing the standard emote, He will now
appear as, "Danaglas is here, pacing."
Poses will be removed/replaced anytime you do another emote (whether standard
or custom), move, perform an aggressive action, meditate, sleep, or use the
UNPOSE command. Also please note that others may not see your poses if other
things that change your description (like artifacts or the fact that you are
seated) supercede them.
    - Will turn them on or off for you
    - Will allow you to see a message telling you what pose you 
      have just assumed. (This will also show up in STAT)
    - While you are in a pose, this will "freeze" the pose on you,
      allowing you to do other emotes (pre-defined or custom)
      without changing your pose. Other things that unpose you
      still will.
  SETPOSE <emote>
    - This will change your pose to the one associated with that
      emote and "freeze" it, without displaying the emote.