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24.16 Immortal Phylacteries

When a Celani passes from this world, its origin and destination are frequently unknown. Occasionally, some remnant of the being's existence can be left behind in an Immortal Phylactery which takes the form of a plain, golden box.

When opened, these boxes can contain wondrous treasures, ranging from credits, soulstones, atlas pages, tokens, artifact vials, flasks, tattoo tokens, various artifacts, and familiars. You may also find a piece of a major artifact. You can find more information about that below.

Some of the full artifacts you may find include:
- a Girdle of Aesir  
- seraphim angel wings
- veil of obtenebrate 
- a Sash of Malkav 
- gem of transmutation
- and many more!

These phylacteries are offered to our Iron Elite members, as well as infrequently during monthly promotions.

- Open a phylactery to see what wonderful treasures are in store for you!

The nine types of familiars that are currently available are:

- a sphinx cub
- a centaur foal
- a miniature minotaur
- a glutinous hafgufa
- a cronish sankhedo
- a sinuous peixala
- a fusty grumspith
- a downy harpy

Artifact Pieces
There are five different artifacts that can only be obtained via the phylacteries. Unfortunately, they have fallen into several pieces. You must find all of the pieces. You can use the ASSEMBLE <item> command to put the four pieces together. You can give your pieces to other players, but you cannot trade assembled artifacts.


PROMO TRADE <item> TO <player>
- This command will transfer the item piece to the player.

Challenger's Warhorn
- 1x a Minotaur's horn
- 1x a wide golden band
- 1x a long leather strap
- 1x a silver mouthpiece

This item can be used once a game day (once an hour). BLOW WARHORN and it will reset all of the creatures in that area. In the event it is a spawnwave area, it will reset the spawnwaves. However, if the spawnwave is on the final wave (the boss wave), the area will not reset. In other words, kill the boss, then blow the horn.

The Brush of the Creator
- 1x a patch of kelpie hair
- 1x a battered stick
- 1x a phial of paint
- 1x a copper ring

This brush can be used to paint words in the room that can be seen by other players. For example you can 'PAINT ^boldred Jeremy was here!' and people will see that when they enter the room. You can only paint 3 rooms at a time and it will wash away after 24 hours. The syntax is PAINT ^<color> text to paint. The color is optional and you are limited to 79 alphanumeric characters.

Tomast's spectacles
- 1x a length of truesilver wire
- 1x a small lens of ruby colored glass
- 1x a small lens of sapphire colored glass
- 1x a simple silver chain

Allows you to DIAGNOSE other people in the same room as you. Has a longer equilibrium time than self-diagnose.

A Broken Statue
- 1x a piece of granite
- 1x an oaken base
- 1x a large glass sphere
- 1x an iron chisel

You can THROW STATUE AT GROUND in any room you are standing in. It will instantly fill the room with rubble which will impede player movement.

Celestial Meteor
- 1x a sliver of Aryana
- 1x a sliver of Moradeim
- 1x a sliver of Sukhder
- 1x a golden clasp

If you are outside you can hold the meteor above your head and CALL METEORS. Anyone who is outside and in the same area will be hit with meteors. The item has a 10 second cooldown.

Pathfinder Compass
- a glass lens
- a brass frame
- a delicate chain
- a silver needle

This compass will allow you to move MUCH faster when pathfinding/speedwalking via the PATH command. This increase ranges from 50 to 100%.

Bag of Devouring
- a canvas sack
- a humgii skull
- a green vial of acid
- a black leather cord

Anything PUT into the bag will be instantly destroyed.

Phial of Waterwalk
- a brown cork
- a crystal phial
- a drop of clear water

Will give you the 'waterwalk' defense for 60 minutes. This item is single use.

Hunter's Lasso
- a length of stallion hair
- a length of mare hair
- a piece of leather rope
- a piece of cloth rope

This item will passively reduce lasso and befriending times by 33% when wielded. The lasso is not used up when capturing animals.