Organizational Bounties - Imperian Online Help

23.3 Organizational Bounties

Organizational bounties are a built-in way for cities, councils and guilds to "mark" organization enemies for death. This encourages PK, provides a mechanism for org advancement, and helps keep the rules a little simpler.

  - Guildmasters
  - Guild secretaries
  - The city leaders
  - The city council members
  - Anyone with security privileges
Bounties last for 18 months from the time of filing. Only one bounty against each person per organization is allowed. The reason for bountying, which is strictly required, is visible to all organization members, the target of the bounty, and the administration. It is in your best interest to keep bounty reasons factual, respectful, and detailed. If an org member kills a bountied enemy, the bounty is considered "fulfilled" and the killer receives a reward. Anyone who is capable of filing a bounty may also rescind it. 
Someone filing a bounty may offer from their own supplies gold, unbound credits, or that day's organizational favour. Rewards are taken from the filer at the time of bounty creation and held in escrow. If the bounty is fulfilled, the spoils go to the killer. If the bounty expires or is rescinded, the reward returns to the filer. Any favours are lost in the case of a cancelled or expired bounty.
CITY BOUNTY FILE <person> [CIRCLE] WITH <number> GOLD/CREDITS <reason>
CITY BOUNTY RESCIND <person> <reason>

The optional CIRCLE argument allows anyone in the same circle as the bountying organization to view and claim the bounty.
(Note: In the case of councils or guilds, simply replace "city" with the appropriate organization type.)

Organizational bounties are NEVER to be used for personal vendettas. Bounties must be filed within 3 Aetherian months of the offense. The only acceptable reasons for bountying are actions that directly harm the bountying organization. Bounties against defenders in raids or obelisk battles will not be supported. No bounties regarding shards will be supported. The filer of the bounty is ultimately the person responsible in the case of an abusive bounty.

If you participate in the optional bounty system, you are willingly putting yourself into a PK situation. If you accept a bounty and then attack or kill another character in a bounty, you are opting into the system and that character can attempt to get revenge on you within the normal PK rules.