OOC - Imperian Online Help

15.14 OOC

"OOC" stands for "out of character" which is used to refer to any action that
is not a part of the realm of Imperian and your character in it. Anything
involving you as a player of the game, rather than your character as a person
who lives and exists here, is OOC. Conversely, "IC" refers to anything which is
"in character".

While playing Imperian you are required to act in an IC fashion. You should not
speak about OOC matters (computers, football, real world things) on any public
channel or to anyone who you do not know is happy to hear it. This rule exists
to preserve what has become a unique realism in the game that makes playing
Imperian as immersive an experience as it is. Without each player making an
effort to maintain the reality of the world, the fun of the game and the extent
of your belief in it would diminish. 

Much like reading a good book or watching a great movie, roleplaying and
staying IC makes it worthwhile. Conversely, someone acting OOC is like reading
Tolkien while being constantly reminded that Frodo, bless his cotton socks,
does not really exist except in the mind of the author.

Additionally, the more IC you are, the more likely you are to be treated
generously by the administration. Equally so, those who are OOC gain no favours
from the Gods.