ON-LINE CREATION - Imperian Online Help


20.1  OLC              About building areas and items on Imperian.
   20.2  Crafting          Design etiquette and rules of thumb.
    20.2.1  Guidelines              Basic Design Guidelines.
    20.2.2  Designing               How to design your pattern
   20.3  Scripting        Adding custom action messages.
   20.4  Crafters         The Crafter's Union
    20.4.1  Approval                Crafting approval guidelines. 
    20.4.2  Tailoring Approval      Tailoring approval rules.
    20.4.3  Woodcrafting Approval   Woodcrafting approval rules.
    20.4.4  Cooking Approval        Cooking approval rules.
    20.4.5  Jewelry Approval        Jewelry approval rules.
    20.4.6  Metalworking Approval   Metalworking approval rules.
    20.4.7  Masonry Approval        Masonry approval rules.
    20.4.8  Libations Approval      Libation approval rules.
    20.4.9  Design Commands         DESIGN command details.
    20.4.10 Design Properties       Properties that can be set for designs.