Newbie Quiz - Imperian Online Help

17.1.1 Newbie Quiz

A Newbie Quiz is an event that involves one of the Guides asking        
questions of all those who are participating. When a newbie quiz is     
started, simply enter the command NEWBIEQUIZ JOIN. You will then be     
asked 10 questions about various categories.                            

If you wish to see your score, or the score of your fellow newbies you  
can enter the command NEWBIEQUIZ SCORE at anytime during the quiz, even 
non-newbies can check the scores! Once the quiz has started, you will be
given a series of rules which must be followed.                         

The points will be awarded as follows:
1st person to answer correctly gets 3 points.
2nd person to answer correctly gets 2 points.
3rd person to answer correctly gets 1 point.

You can answer the question with the command NQA <answer>, you will be  
limited on how long you have to answer.                                 

Summary of commands:
NEWBIEQUIZ JOIN                 :Lets you join with the quiz.
NEWBIEQUIZ ANSWER/NQA <answer>  :Submits your answer.
NEWBIEQUIZ SCORE/NQ SCORE       :Shows current newbiequiz scores.