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12.8 Newbie Areas

The following areas are great places for newbies to adventure. You can type in PORTAL TO <area> to reach the area. For example, PORTAL TO THEROC or PORTAL TO BLACKPINES.

12.8.1  Aradia                A conflicted village.
12.8.3  Batrisian             A dwarf mining community.
12.8.4  Protectorate Camp     Encampment of the Seven Suns.
12.8.5  Deadwood              A camp of settlers in the Deadwood.
12.8.6  Lirhin Clearing       An adventure in sabotage.
12.8.7  Lorka'ig              A group set out to destroy Kinsarmar.
12.8.8  Theroc Encampment     A camp set out to taint the sands.
12.8.9  Black Pines           A wilderness settlement in Ithaqua.