MXP - MUD eXtension Protocol - Imperian Online Help

19.9.2 MXP - MUD eXtension Protocol

MXP is a MUD communication protocol that allows us to send enhanced information
within the normal text stream. Examples of this enhanced information are:
formatted text, clickable commands, and even images.

To enable MXP for your character in Imperian, type:


You can read more about what MXP offers at:

You may also have to enable MXP in your MUD client. Instructions for various
popular MUD clients that do not automatically enable MXP follow:

 CMUD v3.10 (Beta version)
 - Click on "Options" in the top toolbar, then click on "General".
 - Click on the "MXP" tab in the "Preferences" window that opens.
 - Click on the button "Force remote MXP" if it is not already enabled.

 MUSHclient v4.40
 - Click on "Game" in the top toolbar.
 - Mouse over to the "Configure" menu option.
 - Click on the "MXP / Pueblo" menu option.
 - Click on "Use MXP/Pueblo" drop-down menu and choose "Yes - always".
 - MUSHclient supports an outdated version of the MXP specification, and
   therefore does not allow for all of the features used by zMUD and CMUD.

MudBot intercepts communications between Imperian and your MUD client.
Therefore, some features of the MXP specification cannot be negotiated between
Imperian's server and your client.