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Before the Breaking, the moon of Aetherius served as an incalculable pool of Diachaim. It is uncertain why the moon collected this power as it did, but this pooling led to its destruction. Unable to contain the power, the moon shattered, chaos reigning throughout the universe.

If you recall, the same flows of Diachaim exist in all the realms; thus the Breaking of the moon was traumatic across all realms of existence. This cataclysm sundered the barriers between the realms in some places, allowing free access from one realm to another. Demons used this opportunity to enter our realm. In other places, the barrier was so thin that some beings could reach into another realm and pull things into their own.

This thinning also mutated many of the Creator's conceptions. Pure spiritual matter and foul demonic matter flowed across the physical realms, morphing everything they touched. Over time this slowed and the barriers slowly repaired, but the effects still linger into the present Age. It is said that holes in reality still exist in the far north, allowing demons to pass through the realms freely.

Another effect of the Breaking was the fragmentation of the pooled Diachaim. Though pure Diachaim courses through all realms at the same time, the fragmented Diachaim ceased to do this; a flow in the physical realm was no longer connected to its counterpart in the spiritual realm. Diachaim no more, this fragmented power became known as magick. It is not known if magick exists anywhere other than upon our own planet.

Far simpler and inferior to Diachaim, some mortals found they were able to see and manipulate the flows of magick. This practice has led to many conflicts among mortals and Gods alike, leading the different factions to war over the morality of pursuing proficiencies in the magickal arts.

Though the moons themselves exude no magick, they do seem able to affect the flows of magick across the planet. Just as the moons influence the ocean tides, so do they influence the tides of magick. What more we learn about the effects of the moons on magick remains to be seen, but I have confidence that its study shall never cease.


There are three moons: Aryana, the moon of Life. Moradeim, the moon of Change, and Sukhder, the moon of Terror.

If you are outside and the weather is not too bad, you can often observe the moons as they continue their eternal journeys across the skies. The following is a list of moon related commands:

TIME            : Displays the current time and basic moon information 
                  to those able to see them.
MOONS           : Take a better look at the firmament.
ARYANA          : Cast your eye over Aryana
MORADEIM        : Cast your eye over Moradeim
SUKHDER         : Cast your eye over Sukhder

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