Miscellaneous Artifacts - Imperian Online Help

24.3.5 Miscellaneous Artifacts

Acrobatic Boots: 1500 credits
- These boots let you use the abilities of kipup, frontflip, and backflip.

Anklet of Dashing: 100 credits
- Enables you to use the DASH/SPRINT ability to move through multiple rooms at once.

Amulet of sobriety: 100 credits
- Cure yourself of drunkenness once per real day with the SOBER command. Troll all your friends.    

Aphotic Sieve: 300 Credits
- Reduces haze cost by 1/2

Aqueous Ring: 800 credits
- Can create water rooms and part water rooms. POINT RING AT GROUND to flood a room POINT RING <dir> to part a room.

Armband of Celerity: 100 credits
- Gives you an extra move/second before the "Don't be so hasty" message kicks in.

Artifact Pet Token: 1000 credits
- This token allows you to have one custom pet created for you.  
- The type of the animal must be a naturally-occuring beast, and cannot be a flying pet. Please check with Jeremy before you purchase this token if you have any doubts that your pet choice might not be acceptable.
- This pet can learn up to 8 of all of the abilities in Taming but it cannot have the combination of the Mount ability and any ability that allows you to instantly move to a target. Those combinations are reserved for auction pets only.
- Contact Jeremy after purchasing this token to have your pet created.

Artifact Upgrade Tokens: 50 credits
- Can be used in place of credits to upgrade existing artifacts.
- Each token is worth 50 credits toward an upgrade, and can be combined with credits to reach the total cost of the upgrade.
- See HELP ARTIFACT UPGRADES for more information.

Band of Fasting: 550 credits
- A bracelet that, while worn, will obviate your need for sleep and food.

Bauble of Alteration: 500 credits
- Enables you to change race and statpack up to once an Imperian year (once every 12 days).
- This will not work for anyone but the owner.
- Compare with the Gem of Transmutation.

Bloodied wooden stake: 300 credits
- Pin a characters corpse to the ground when killed, keeping them from quickly returning to the land of the living.
- If a character has been staked, they cannot rezzed for this death. They must visit Charon and ferry back. 
- The stake can only be used once an hour.
- This only affects one death, not every death for a full hour
- Leaves a nice staked corpse in the ground for an hour.
- There is a 5 minute cooldown on character so they cannot be killed and staked right away again.
- Is not used on starburst and other similar skills. Only on a full death.
- PREPARE TO STAKE <target> - If the character dies in the room with you, you will stake them automatically.

Bone Shard: 100 credits
- Throw this object at the ground or to another room, afflicting everyone in the room with random afflictions. Great party gag!

Botanical Guidebook: 150 credits.
- Doubles the number of plants you find in a room when using SEARCH FOR PLANTS.
- Note: does not work with terrariums.

Brooch of the Tempest: 50 credits
- You will never be blown laterally while flying, or blown out of the trees.
- See also: an Icecloak Brooch in HELP ICECLOAK WARES.

Caravan Crop: 75 credits
- Lets you plunder caravans 25% faster.

Cardtable: 300 Credits
- Cardtables allow players to play custom card games.
- There are a variety of pre-defined games available to play.

Circlet of secrets: 300 credits
- While worn, this item prevents the user from being spied on with mindread (both seraph and ouroboros), telepathy sapience, mind listen, and torment unseeneye. This applies to the user. The item will block unseeneye look if the target has the circlet but not if it's on someone in the room, and listen if the eye is on the target but not if it's someone else in the room.

Clay Flowerpot: 200 credits
- 33% chance of growing one random flower (out of 36 types) every day.
- The flowerpot can hold up to 6 flowers, at which time it will stop producing them until you pick one. Open your own flower business!

Cloak of Obfuscate: 100 credits
- A cloak that lets you use the shroud ability.
- The shroud defence wears off after forty minutes.
- The shroud defence is identical to the defence granted by Trailblazing's Camouflage.

Collar of Taming: 100 Credits
- This item will cause any killed pets to be revived one hour from the time of death. It will also allow you to NAME your animal.
- Usage: ATTACH <collar> TO <animal>.

Comfortable gilded pet cage: 100 credits
- Can be dropped in any room and it will reset there.
- Only the owner can pick it up.
- The owner can PUT <vanitypet> IN <cage> and the vanity pets will reset in the cage.
- The owner can GET <vanitypet> FROM <cage> and the vanity pets will reset to the characters inventory again.
- ANY player can take the vanity pet from the cage, but it will reset back to the cage after an hour.

Crystal-lensed Magnifying Glass: 100 Credits
- This artifact allows you to gain the LIPREAD defense, letting you see what other players are whispering about.
- Syntax: LIPREAD

Crystehl Whetstone: 350 credits
- Increases the effect of sharpening a weapon by 50%- this affects the damage that the weapon causes. Additionally, sharpening with this whetstone does not damage the weapon.

Dagger of Reincarnation: 100 credits
- Allows you to reincarnate once.
- Stand in Aryana's Spring and REINCARNATE INTO <statpack> <race> WITH DAGGER.
- The dagger is destroyed upon sacrificing yourself.
- Compare with the Mutating Dagger.

Darrinic Robes: 1000 credits
- Cuts your mana usage by 1/3.

Diadem of the Quickening: 850 credits
- Reduces the time it takes to recover equilibrium, by about 15%.

Drakeskin Bag of Fertilizer: 100 credits
- This artifact will double the healing power of Naturebinding Tend
- Additionally, any seed planted while holding this artifact will grow to a sapling 33% faster!

Dusty shop logbook : 100 Credits
- The logbook allows you to read a shop log from anywhere in the world. It can be linked to a single shop you own.
- LOG SHOP WITH <logbook> while in the shop you want to link to.
- READ <logbook> to read the shop log.

Earrings of Gazali: 800 credits
- E-mail Jeremy@imperian.com for purchasing
- A pair of earrings. You wear one, and somebody else wears the other. As long as you are both wearing yours, you can travel to each other, provided that you're on the same continent, plane, and phase.
- Syntax: TRAVEL <person>
- These earrings are unlike other artifacts in that they are permanently bound and linked to the buyer and one other person. That other person must be specified to Jeremy when the artifact is purchased. The link and binding of the earrings cannot be changed, like all other artifacts.

Ebony Figurine: 150 credits
- This is an upgrade from "Ivory figurine." This allows your marked, ally, and enemy list to go from 20 (Regular), or 30 (Ivory figurine) to 40 people each.

Flask of Divine Manna: 100 credits
- A never-ending vial of manna that will fully satiate you when you drink from it. Become nearly immune to hunger-inducing afflictions! 

Foreboding Stone: 400 Credits
- Be warned whenever someone on your enemy list moves within your area.
- Use TOUCH <stone> to activate/deactivate the stone.

Gem of Radiant Offerings: 100 Credits
- This artifact increases the amount of faith and belief generated by ritual sacrifice by 10%.

Gem of Transmutation: 1000 credits
- Enables you to change race and statpack up to once an Imperian day (once per RL hour).
- This will not work for anyone but the owner.
- Compare to the Bauble of Alteration.

Gossamer Anchor: 200 credits
- After dying, this anchor will decrease by half the amount of time you  spend vulnerable to attacks made by other players against you.

Glass Terrarium: 1000 credits
- This portable and useful item will, once per day, produce a number of herbs equal to the maximum number of herbs that you can harvest in a single day. Use HARVEST <#>|ALL <plant type> FROM <terrarium>.
- Use SETUP <terrarium> AS <environment type> to change the environment type of your terrarium.
- Never have to travel to pick herbs again! Pick the herbs straight from your inventory!

Gloves of Harvesting: 300 credits
- If you can harvest, cuts your balance recovery for harvesting approximately in half.
- Doubles the number of plants you can harvest per 24 hour period.

Glowing Soulstone: 25 credits
- Crushing this stone will give you a temporary bonus of doubled bashing and questing experience gained for 8 hours of logged-in time.
- The double experience bonus does not stack with achievement timer bonuses or double experience days, but it will not count down while you have timers or during those days, either.

Hammer of Forging: 100 credits
- Cuts all smithing-related balances in half.
- This includes SMITH, SMELT, and RESMITH.

Harp of Harmonies: 450 credits
- This is a powerful artifact, allowing the bard to play any Thespia song without the use of any other instruments.

Headshrinker's Kit: 50 credits
- This kit provides everything necessary to shrink decapitated heads, significantly extending their decay time.

Horn of Terror: 300 Credits
- Causes fear to everyone in the room.

Intellect Crown: 250 credits
- Decreases the amount of time it takes to acquire a mindlock by 40%.

Inviting cottage-style dollhouse: 100 credits
- Can be dropped in any room and it will reset there.
- Only the owner can pick it up.
- The owner can PUT <doll> IN <cage> and the dolls will reset in the cage.
- The owner can GET <doll> FROM <cage> and the dolls will reset to the characters inventory again.
- ANY player can take the doll from the cage, but it will reset back to the cage after an hour.

Iridescent Inkpot: 300 credits
- Increases by 50% the number of charges any new tattoo inked on your body will have.
- Decreases the chance that any tattoos that randomly fade will fade from your body.

Ironwood Mask: 350 Credits
- This mask can only be used by wardancers and will hold 2 ink colors on it.
- PAINT <mask> WITH <colour>
- Paints will wear off 12 months after the first ink is painted.
- Paint can be scrubbed early using SAND IRONWOOD.

Ivory Brooch: 100 Credits
- Hides your might on honors.

Ivory Figurine: 50 credits
- Increases the amount of people allowed on your enemy, ally, and marked lists, from 20 to 30.

Ivory Pipe: 50 Credits
- This wonderful pipe will stay lit under any circumstance! Not smokeable underwater.

Liturgical Symbol: 250 credits
- Reduces all ritual belief and faith costs by 25% when worn.

Mahogany Reservoir: 250 credits
- Evocation Imbue/Feather last 50% longer.

Mantle of Sacraments: 250 credits
- Characters possessing this item may use the MARRY command.
- MARRY <player> to <player>

Mark of the Patron Lord: 100 credits
- This item can be attached to an instrument, making it reset to its owner, not decay, and increases song length by 40% for songs that require one instrument, 20% for songs that require two instruments.
- The effect is cumulative. A song that requires two instruments played with both instruments having Marks attached will be increased by 40%.

Mask of Lifevision: 350 credits
- Enables you to use lifevision to see most hidden people.

Medallion of moons: 250 credits
- Cuts the cooldown for the tier 5 aspect power for the respective type by 33%.

Miniature Generator: 100 credits.
- This little generator can be carried with you wherever you go, and any corpses placed into it will act as though placed in your city or council's generator. Note: if your city or council does not currently have a generator, this artifact will not work.

Money Pouch: 100 credits
- Only holds gold, only you can take it out, not forceable.

Moss Agate Runestone: 250 Credits
- This runestone never decays, and allows you to sketch 4 runes upon its surface.

Mutating Dagger: 50 credits
- Allows you to reincarnate once.
- You can ONLY change your statpack with this item. (It will NOT change your race)
- Stand in Aryana's Spring and REINCARNATE INTO <statpack> <current race> WITH MUTATING.
- The dagger is destroyed upon sacrificing yourself.
- Compare with the Dagger of Reincarnation.

Neelamic Reservoir: 100 Credits
- Holding this gem in your inventory will increase your reserve regeneration by 33%.

Orb of Suppression: 200 Credits
- Hides your worn artifacts from people looking at your description. You may use the CONFIG ARTIFACT syntaxes for toggling its power on and off.

Ornately Wrought Tablet: 250 Credits
- Automatically contains all flareable runes, never needs to be reinked.

Orphanim Angel Wings: 800 credits
- Enables you to fly to 'On the clouds' where there are exits to various parts of the land.

Pair of Ivory Dice: 50 credits
- A cosmetic item that allows you to use the ROLLDICE command

Pair of shimmering red-tinted glasses: 300 credits
- Allows the user to gauge another's bleeding levels, by GAUGE <target>. Requires and consumes equilibrium, but may be used off-balance. Sometimes a target has been hit with bleeding attacks but has not yet started losing damage from bleeding. In cases like this, there is a different message indicating that they have not started bleeding versus not bleeding at all.

Pendant of Nature: 500 credits
- All Naturebinding roots can do all actions.

Pentagram Eye Amulet: 600 credits
- This artifact allows a summoner to have an extra simultaneous possession, increasing their maximum to 6!

Permanent Tattoos: 100 credits
- Reverie can give you a permanent tattoo with the command: BUY <tattoo> ON <bodypart> PERMANENT.
- Starburst Tattoos cannot be made permanent.

Phoenix Wings: Currently Unavailable
- Enables you to fly to 'High Skies' where there are exits to various parts of the land. This includes five exits that vary based on your organisational memberships. They are:
 - The location of the latest shardfall.
 - A major city/council gathering point.
 - A mid-range city/council based bashing area.
 - Your cult or sect altar room.
 - The entry to your towne (or city if no towne)
- Other exits:
 - On the edge of the desert in the Shaahri desert
 - The empty northern square in the Caanae ruins
 - Climbing rolling hills in Demon's Pass
 - At the foot of a ridge near the Coliseum
 - A winding trail down the mountain in Khous village
 - Before a gargantuan tower in Iaat Valley
- Say "Aosagan" to activate the wings.

Pipe Filter Set: 500 credits
- Reduces smoking balance by 33%.

Polished Bone Hammer: 50 credits
- Having this hammer in the inventory doubles the amount of bone dust gained by the Wytch when crushing bones.

Prayer Beads of Contemplation: 300 Credits
- Reduces devotion usage by 1/3.

Rainbow-Colored Sieve: 150 credits
- Carrying this multi-colored sieve allows a Wytch to colorize bone dust without needing inks.
- Additionally, colorizing bone dust takes no balance!

Red and white bandage kit: 100 credits
- Allows you APPLY BANDAGES [<target>] without requiring or consuming cloth commodities, and without being required to learn the associated skill.
- If you also have to ability to apply bandages granted by the Survival or a profession skill, this kit will allow you to apply bandages with no balance cost!

Rings of Flying: 400 credits
- Enables you to fly like an owl.

Saboteur's bone: 300 credits
- Enables you to warp through wormholes in space-time.

Satchel of Cloaking: 100 credits
- While this item is in your inventory, it will hide your inventory from prying eyes.
- This does not include artifacts. Only ordinary items.

Scented Charm: 100 credits
- Allows pets to RETURN to you while you're indoors.

Seer's Eye: 4000 credits
- This item will allow you to PEER <eye> <player>, allowing you to see everything in the room of any player, anywhere in the world, as if you were there yourself.
- It will allow you to see into the room of anyone on any plane or any alternate phase of reality (phased, blackwinded, etc). It will not see through the Veil of the Obtenebrate.

Sentry lantern: 400 credits
- The sentry lantern will allow you to look through portals and see the room on the other end, including any people or items in the room. You can use the power by probing the portal in question.

Seraphim Angel Wings: 2000 credits
- Enables you to fly to a room above where the Orphanim wings take you. It has more exits, and you can get to the Orphanim wings rooms from there too.

Shamanic Gloves: 600 credits
- While worn, these gloves increase the power of Wytch curses and Shamanism Marks by behaving as if your target was affected by one extra curse.
- This increases damage caused by burning Marks, allows Marks to automatically ignite sooner and last longer once burning, as well as reduces the time needed to activate the Mark of Marduk.

Silver Leash: 25 credits
- Allows you to tether a vanity pet to a house or shop room you own. It will not reset to the owner while tethered. Anyone can come along and pick it up, but it will reset to the room within an hour.
- VANITYPET LEASH <pet> will leash the let to the room.
- VANITYPET UNLEASH <pet> will unleash the pet, placing the leash and the pet into your inventory.
Silver Knife: 50 credits
- Ideal for all the trophy hunters, this knife allows you to cut off ears from player corpses!
- Once you have 5 or more ears, you can create a necklace from the trophies, and then add more as you acquire them
- The necklace decays in 30 RL days, but adding new ears to it resets the timer back to 30 days- you can get the ear count quite high if you keep them coming regularly!
- The necklace can be worn, and the short description (visible on LOOK <player>) includes the head count
- The created necklace -can- be kept safe in stockrooms and similar locations
- Usage: CUT EAR FROM <corpse>, FASHION TROPHY NECKLACE (the same command both creates it and adds more ears)

Silvery Neck Guard: 400 Credits
- Has a chance to prevent behead/cleave from removing your head or chopping you in two.

Silver Papermill: 100 credits
- This small device will allow bards to create 50 pieces of paper with only 10 wood commodities, instantly.

Silver-Weave Pack: 300 credits
- This pack can store 200 items and it will never decay. Only the owner of the pack can remove items from it, and force commands cannot make the owner remove items from it.
 - A Gold-Weave Pack: 400 credits
   - An upgraded version of the silver-weave pack, this item can store 300 items.
 - A Platinum-Weave Pack: 500 credits
   - An upgrade version of the gold-weave pack, this item can store a whopping 400 items.

Small Tent: 1000 credits
- You can set up a tent almost anywhere in the world, allowing you a portable indoor room.

Staff of Illusion: 500 credits
- Cast an illusion in your room. Takes a 2 second equilibrium.
- Commands: CONJURE ILLUSION <target>|ALL <illusion>

Stone Figurine: 1000 credits
- Allows you to create stonewalls.
- Uses one stone commodity.
- Commands: POINT <figurine> <dir>

Stylized Antique Telescope: 300 Credits
- This artifact allows you to use the SCOUT ability.

Tarot Deck of Ayasha: 100 credits
- This deck will never run out of cards, but this comes with a catch:
- You cannot directly remove cards from this deck using the OUTDECK command.
- You can use FLING, ACTIVATE, and RUB to remove a card on-demand.

Tome of organisation: 100 credits
- If this item is in your inventory it will automatically hide all map pieces. You can then view all the pieces in a nice list by probing the tome.

Torc of Enunciation: 400 credits
- Increases the duration of your Yoth Voice attack by 50%.

Translucent Glass Box: 100 credits
- This box can only hold artifacts, but can hold up to 50 of them.
- Most artifacts that must be in your inventory will also work if they are in this box!
- Exceptions include any item that must be wielded, worn, or specified.
- Specific exceptions include containers, whetstones, wands, pipes and keyrings

Truesilver Cage: 100 credits
- This cage acts as a portable post office for all mail related commands.
- You can customise the delivery message for any letters you send through the cage.
- HELP MAIL describes the mail commands.
- HELP POSTOFFICE CUSTOMISATION describes the post office customisation commands.

Truesilver Lumberjack's Axe: 150 credits
- This artifact, when wielded, will double the damage done to a tree per chop.
- If you do not already know the Felling skill in Survival, this will grant it to you while wielded.

Truesilver Quill: 350 credits
- Allows you to create sketches with 100 attacks.

Twinkling crystal eye: 100 credits
- Pinpoint the room within which deaths occur!
- Only works while you have the deathsight defense active.
- Gives the room name within which deaths occur, not the room number.

Vialbelt of Truesilver Kegs: 100 credits
- Can store up to 5,000 sips of each fluid (regular vialbelts store 3,000), and it never decays.

Vibrating stone of divine attunement: 400 credits
- Allows the holder to use the SHRINESIGHT command to sense all of the shrines in an area.

Vine-covered oaken bracelet: 500 credits
- This bracelet will attune you with the land and give you access to the LANDSENSE ability if you don't already have it in Perception. This ability allows you to see when other mortals enter the realms.
- The bracelet will make the Landsense defence permanent, and will also remove the mana cost.

Vorpal Key: 75 credits
- This artifact allows the owner to be able to add 4000 commodities into a shop cache.

Vorpal Knife: 200 Credits
- Cut the time it take to splice and cancel wormholes. You must have the skills in order to use this.
- The knife must be wielded to benefit from its effect.

Wand of Portals: 800 credits
- Opens up a portal between you and another player. Takes 6 seconds and is stopped by a monolith sigil, a rapped fork, a hazeward stone, and holy ground.

Wand of Reflection: 200 credits
- Causes a reflection of yourself to appear.
- Most attacks made upon you will hit and destroy a reflection, and all reflections must be destroyed before you can be hit.
- Any aggressive moves by you will destroy all your reflections.
- These wands are great for when you get jumped, or when you're in battle and need a short breather to catch up on healing afflictions.

Wolverine's Claws: 100 credits
- Specially designed claws you wear on your hands which will allow you to burrow.

Wooden Nametag: 50 credits
- This item will allow you to use the name command on loyal house mobs and shopkeepers.
- Usage: ATTACH <nametag> TO <mob> and NAME <mob> <new name>
- These are one use items.

Wrist-Sheathed Toolkit: 350 credits
- This artifact will allow you to use the TRAPS command to view any traps that are armed in your room.
- You will also be able to attempt to disarm traps that are in your room by doing DISARM TRAP <direction>. This will have a chance to fail, and when it fails, you will be hit by the trap as if you moved through it. If you are successful, the trap will be disarmed and you will receive any of the commodities used when it was created.

Zydramir Journals: 300 Credits
- Reduces essence loss by 1/2.