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17.28 Memory Match

Memory match is a game played on a giant board, typically either 10x10 rooms (for Entity hosted events) or 6x6 rooms (for city hosted events). The goal of memory match is to match the tiles in each room with the tiles in other rooms. In some games the first to match all the tiles wins, in other games the person with the highest score at the end of a period will win.


The basic mechanics are as follows. When a memory match game is started you will see a message with important information about the match and how it will proceed. For example:

     A memory match has been started on the giant board!
     This memory match:
        * Lasts until the first person matches all the tiles.
        * Exits to room 1231 in the ruins of Caanae.
        * Is open to all players.
        * You will need to use 'jump' emote to turn tiles.
        * This game uses the 'default' tileset.
        * The game costs 5 gold per level to play.
     The match will begin in 5 minutes.

The first thing to note is that you type JOIN MEMORYMATCH CAANAE to join the memory match game. This will teleport you instantly from your current location to the board. Sometimes the game will tell you to travel to a specific room before you can join. If that's the case, you'll see:

     Go to room 1231 and type JOIN MEMORYMATCH CAANAE to join.

If you see this, simply PATH FIND 1231, PATH GO, then JOIN MEMORYMATCH CAANAE to join. Note that CAANAE may be replace with any city or council that has a memory match board.

The next line you see is that it "Lasts until the first person matches all the tiles." The alternative is that the game will last a set number of minutes. This tells you which it is.

The second starred line tells you where the game will exit. It can either exit in Caanae, or at the entrance to the memory match board. In this case, they are the same thing (as the board is in Caanae), but they could be placed anywhere.

The third starred line lets you know to whom the match is open. It may be restricted to city, circle, or anyone for each game. You should only see the message if you are eligible to join.

The next starred line is especially important. It tells you how to turn tiles. In this case you use the 'jump' emote. Once the game starts, everytime you jump in a room you will turn a tile. Jump in two rooms with the same tile in sequence and you will match those rooms. 

The fifth starred line tells you what tileset will be used. Cities can create and purchase different tilesets (that is tiles that you match) that can vary in description and number of tiles. Here, the plain 'default' tileset is used.

The next line states the ever-important cost to participate. Games cost the cities money to host, so often the cities will charge a fee for participation. This line identifies that cost.

Finally, the time until start is identified. Although you can join even after the event has begun, you will be at a disadvantage if you do so.


Typing "memory" or "memorymatch" at anytime will give the basic memory match commands available to you. These include:

     Syntax for memorymatch:
        MEMORY SCORE        -- Shows your current score.
        MEMORY JOIN <where> -- Joins a memory match game.
        MEMORY STATUS       -- Shows the games throughout the lands.
        MEMORY PURCHASE     -- Purchase a memory arena for your city.
        MEMORY TILES . . .  -- Commands for setting up match tiles.
        MEMORY SETUP . . .  -- Setup a new game.
        MEMORY START . . .  -- Starts the setup game.
        MEMORY END          -- Ends the current game.

As an individual, you will likely only see the first three commands. However, the others may show up if you are in a city or council's cultural ministry.

To begin with, a city must MEMORY PURCHASE a memory match arena or board. This costs 2,000,000 gold, which must be in the hands of the person issuing the command. Where this command is used is also very important because it determines where the entrance and exit to the memory match board will be located for the city. The command will automatically create a 6x6 memory match arena for the city once run with the default tileset.

Next is the MEMORY TILES command. This command lets cities create tilesets for use on their (and only their) memory match board. This is far more exciting than the default tilesets. Creating a new tileset will cost 100,000 gold and editing an individual tile will cost 10,000. You do not get free edits when you purchase a new tileset, so to completely describe a tileset of, e.g. 10 tiles, it would cost 100,000 + 10 x 10,000 = 200,000 gold. A city may purchase as many tiles as it likes.

The next big item is MEMORY SETUP. This is to setup the memory match arena and individual games. This command can only be used in the memory match start room. The syntax for this command is:

     Syntax: MEMORY SETUP show
               -- Shows the current arena settings
             MEMORY SETUP set name <name>
               -- Sets the arena name (cost of 50,000 gold per change)
             MEMORY SETUP set emote <emote>
               -- Sets the emote used to flip tiles
             MEMORY SETUP tilesets
               -- Lists the tilesets available for use
             MEMORY SETUP buy tileset <tile>
               -- Buy an available tileset (cost of 100,000 gold)
             MEMORY SETUP set tileset <tile>
               -- Set the tileset to use for the next game
             MEMORY SETUP set time <minutes>
               -- Set the length of the next game
             MEMORY SETUP set type TIME|COMPLETE
               -- Set whether the next game will be timed or until completion
             MEMORY SETUP set room desc <description>
               -- Set the room description for each room (cost of 50,000 gold per change)
             MEMORY SETUP set exit START|CAANAE
               -- Set the exit room to either the start room or to a room in Caanae
             MEMORY SETUP set teleport ON|OFF
               -- Set whether players need to walk to the start room or can teleport in
             MEMORY SETUP set cost <gold> <[per> <level]>
               -- Set the cost (or cost per level) for the match. 0 is free
             MEMORY SETUP set limit NONE|ORG|CIRCLE
               -- Limit the match to members of the org (city) or circle
             MEMORY SETUP deposit <gold>
               -- Deposit gold in the memory match arena
             MEMORY SETUP withdraw <gold>
               -- Withdraw gold from the arena

Finally, MEMORY START and MEMORY END start and end events. Starting an event costs the city or council 3000 gold. Note that to start an event a time until start must be specified such as MEMORY START TIME 5 to start in 5 minutes time.