Masonry Approval Rules - Imperian Online Help

20.4.7 Masonry Approval Rules

The rules governing Masonry are similar to those which cover other trade
abilities, however most masonry items are large, permanent or           
semi-permanent items meant to                                           
serve as grand works of art rather than transient garments or           

I. As with all trade abilities, the item should not assume how the      
viewer of an item will react to the piece. For example, a statue of     
Avasyu fearlessly guarding a kitten may be hilarious to some, but       
offensive to Avasyu himself.                                            

II. As these items will, for the most part, not be able to be lifted    
once dropped, the dropped description should not refer to a fountain as 
"lying on the ground" or a table as "discarded here."                   

III. Fountains may be described as having flowing water, but items may  
not be described as having foods or other decaying goods on them.