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4.18 Marriage

Marriage ceremonies in Imperian can range from a simple exchanging of vows to an elaborate ceremony. The first step in getting married is proposing to your love. PROPOSE TO <whoever> WITH <whatever> will do it. The WITH <whatever> is so that you may propose with an engagement ring or any valuable bauble that has meaning to both of you.

Once you have proposed, providing the other person agrees, you will be engaged. You may break off the engagement at any time by doing BREAK ENGAGEMENT. Once you have been engaged for approximately 2 Imperian years, you will be eligible to actually get married. This mandatory period of engagement is to force you to think about what you are doing. Marriage is not a thing to be taken lightly.

It's probably best to begin planning your wedding ceremony, if you wish one, right away. You must first decide who will perform the ceremony if you wish someone to perform one for you. You must also obtain the consent of a God or a mortal whom they have given permission to marry in their name. This is similar to the way you must go to a governmental office to obtain a marriage certificate in real life.

How the marriage is performed is entirely up to you and whomever you ask to perform the wedding. You might choose to write your own ceremony, or ask the person performing the wedding to do it for you.

Marriage is not a thing to be entered into lightly. Too many players wish to be married at the first signs of love with another, but it is wise to wait, for divorce should not be taken lightly. In order to ensure that marriage is not entered into by those not yet wise in the ways of Imperian, we require that you be at least level 30 to be married and have played at least 75 hours. We realize that, to those in love, this may seem like an eternity to wait, but please remember that the sweetest pleasures in life are worth waiting for, and are made that much more enticing by the wait.

If, as happens all too often, you find that married life does not agree with you, you may DIVORCE <spouse>. This costs 10,000 gold, however, and your HONOURS description will permanently reveal that you have been divorced.

Commands related to marriage:

PROPOSE TO <whoever> WITH <whatever>
DIVORCE <spouse>

Commands for those able to marry.

MARRY <player one> to <player two>
Take special note! Player one will lose their main bloodline and will take on player two's surname. They will have to agree to the marriage for it to work, but you should make life easy for yourself and do it right the first time. Bloodline founders cannot marry into another family.

NOTE: If you are the Presiding member of a family you cannot marry out of your family.