Libations Approval - Imperian Online Help

20.4.8 Libations Approval

Libations rules are, by necessity, somewhat different than other tradeskill rules. Drinks are meant to be consumed, after all!

I. Formulas must use organic materials that can be found in Aetherius.

II. You do not describe the container that the drink is being served in.

III. Sip/Lastsip messages may be assigned to your item. You must have a matching "room view" for every "person view".

IV. Sip messages cannot dictate whether the person will enjoy the drink.

A note on eating messages:

Sip messages are a crucial part of a successful formula. Be sure you have a thorough understanding of their use and triple-check their accuracy before you submit your formula, as they are the most likely place for error. Please review HELP SCRIPTING for more information on the technical aspects of them.

Note that any 'forced' actions placed in sip messages should be ruled by common sense. If the drink is freezing or has high alcoholic content, it is likely the individual drinking it will cough or splutter. It is less likely that they will have enjoyed the drink. Keep your forced actions to a sensible minimum.