THE LEGION - Imperian Online Help


In the year 29 AM, one of the pillars of Avasyu's temple that rests at the springs cracked and fell upon the altar. This released strange shades that began materializing within the now tainted springs.

As these shades created contracts with mortals to collect souls of fallen creatures throughout the world, they began growing bigger. Once they reached their full size they gathered together at the springs and morphed into one being.

When the final shade took its place within the group, a fell shadow engrossed the springs in darkness, allowing the Legion to be reborn. Upon gathering their strength, the Legion broke open the other two pillars that remained from the temple, releasing their massive weapons of destruction.

The Legion quickly moved into the Underworld, where they attacked Charon, forcing the ferryman to flee. The Legion does what it can to consume souls of the fallen, while Charon now works to keep them safe.