KING OF THE HILL - Imperian Online Help


King of the Hill is a team-based event played in the arena. The players 
are divided into 2-4 teams, fighting over control of hills, whose       
locations are randomly chosen at the start of the event.                

There may be one or more hills in the event, up to a maximum of five    
hills. This is decided by the person initiating the event and announced 
at the start.                                                           

After the game has started, the hills appear and each player is able to 
capture these for their team using the CAPTURE HILL command.            
Concentrating on capturing a hill makes one vulnerable and no actions   
may be performed during it, or the attempt is ruined.                   

For each hill controlled by the team, the team receives 1 point per     
second. The winning score depends on how many hills are in the game -   
500 points with 1 hill, 1000 points with two hills, 1500 points         

Scores, locations, and ownership of the hills can be viewed using the   
KOTH <arena> command. The arena name is optional for those participating
in the game.                                                            

Strategy is dictated by the number of the hills - if there is only one, 
the team holding the hill will try to entrench at the location, whereas 
if there are more hills than teams, mobility becomes key.