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When the first Lycaeans came to be beneath the shifting influence of Moradeim,
many of them were ill-met by the prevailing population of Aetherius. One such
group chose to flee the hatred of their once neighbors and seek a new life in
the unexplored reaches of the north. However, a number of obstacles destroyed
much of the group, and all would have perished had the Lycaeans not met a pack
of wolves who had equally suffered from the cruel winters and dangerous
avalanches. Although the exact nature of that ancient pact has been lost to
time, the modern dwellers of the village of Kadar still retain a close
symbiosis with a nearby pack of wolves, often hunting together and living side
by side. While not opposed to civilization, the Kadar Lycaeans hold respect for
the rugged perseverance of Northerners and have little patience for what they
see as the comfortable weakness of milder climates, holding ideals close to
those of the nearby Ithaqua. Despite the almost barbaric nature of their
settlement, the dwellers of Kadar Valley have great skill with the spear and
the knife, and some truly curious crafts have come from that snowy encampment
deep in the frozen forests of Ithaqua.