As a staple guild of Antioch, the Holy Justicar Knights have served as paragons of virtue for centuries. With a lauded history as guardians and sheriffs of fire and faith in the desert, these paladins wield sacred spiritual might and hardened steel in the defense of the pure. The Knights Templar keep a strict code of honor, holding themselves to lofty ideals: justice for the victimized, protection for the innocent, alms for the needy, and gentility in the face of the crass vulgarity of the tainted practitioners of magick and demonology. Knights must keep their bodies pure and mighty in order to combat the forces that threaten Antioch, and their faith must remain strong in order to bind the wicked and bring sinners to justice.

The Holy Order of Justicar Knights traces its history to the beginning of Antioch. They were once ancient warrior-guardians of the desert, with their roots in the Wardancers caste. In 1100 AD they parted with the guild to serve as defenders of the newly formed Cleric missionaries. They would soon become distinct from either group, as they quickly balanced their faith and swordsmanship with smithing and chivalry and took up the mantle of peacekeepers and protectors of Antioch.

Justicar Knights do battle with a unique blend of swordplay and shields, raising birds of prey as companions to supplement their skill with steel. With their devotion to purity and the Gods, they wreak fearsome and wondrous miracles that ensnare their foes and guard the faithful. Their knowledge of the forge is unmatched, and they are renowned as the premier crafters of fine swords and armor, with the most advanced smiths able to craft the magnificent suits of fullplate. Through these skills, the Justicars may be dangerous foes or powerful allies, and most definitely are a force to be reckoned with.