Jewelry Approval Rules - Imperian Online Help

20.4.5 Jewelry Approval Rules

Many of the rules governing jewelry are the same as those that govern   
tailoring and the other tradeskills. Below are some rules and guidelines
specific to jewelry making. This list is by no means exhaustive.        

I. All items used in jewelry making must be actual items or commodities.
For example, earrings cannot be made of shadow.                         

II. Jewelry cannot be made from fresh organic materials such as leaves  
and flowers, due to how long pieces of jewelry tend to last.            

III. Like in the case of tailoring, use of the term "wearer" is not     
allowed, as the item may not always be worn. In addition, items may not 
be described as if they are being worn. Describe the ring, not the      
person wearing it! If you wish to describe how it would interact with   
the body when worn, be sure to make it conditional.                     

IV. Items may only shine, gleam, or sparkle if there is a conditional   
light source described. Otherwise, they "look" magick and will be       

V. Jewelry items may not have engraved words in the examined            
description, with the exception of a small maker's mark - such as the   
initials A.R. or "The stem of an iris twines around the letter L,       
representing the jeweler's mark". Anything longer will need to be       
engraved using the Engraving ability - only transcendent jewelers have