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12.17.1 Isle of Llus

The Llusians once believed that water was a primary component of living 
organisms. Though it sounds ridiculous to us, they believed water was   
magickal because of the dependancy they had on it. It should be noted   
that the Llusians were amphibious people.                               

As time progressed, the concept of water as the sole giver of life      
shifted, and they began the studying in the four essential elements     
(Fire, Water, Air, Earth) as the composites of life. Fire represented   
the temperature of the body, the influence of heat (as well as the      
absence of) on the body. Water related to the moistness of a body, as   
well as dryness. Earth related to blood, tissue, bone.. all of the prime
materials. Air was the breath that propelled creatures into action - as 
well as the absence of breath. These elements were accompanied by a     
fifth element (which we call Spirit), which they referred to as "Aphus",
for they had no name for it, nor any knowledge of what it did. They     
believed in Aphus as being the origin of life for every living creature.

The Llusians even questioned these theories, firmly believing that life 
could be controlled, and not rely on the Aphus to create them. Their    
most advanced work was done to disprove the Theory of Aphus, as it was  
named. They did so by various experiments which will be evidenced in the
lab areas of the isle. These experiments included selective and         
cross-breeding; incubation (application of heat to eggs); many, many    
dissection labs; and some others.