Iron Ticket Lotteries - Imperian Online Help

17.24 Iron Ticket Lotteries

During an Iron Ticket Lottery, you will randomly earn Iron Tickets for various
activities you perform in Imperian. The following activities have a chance to
earn you tickets:

 - Winning Coliseum arena events gains you three Iron Tickets
 - Fishing
 - Winning at gambling. The chance of getting a ticket is dependent on how much
   gold you wager. Wagering 1 gold will not earn you a ticket.
 - Killing creatures
 - Earning quest experience
 - Harvesting
 - Just being online. Every so often, an imp will distribute tickets to random
   people that are online, so it's in your best interest to be online as much 
   as possible if you want tickets!
 - Occasionally buried in random rooms. You will see a room message where a
   ticket is buried when you look in the room.

When you have tickets, make sure to visit the lottery office before the end of
the event and exchange your Iron Tickets for entries in the lottery. The
command to do this is 


Tickets will be wiped prior to the start of the next lottery, so make sure to
turn your tickets in!

In February of 2012, every Tuesday, starting at 0:01 GMT, we will hold an Iron
Lottery that will last for 24 hours. At the end of the day, a drawing will be 
held to determine the winners of credit prizes, ranging from 100 credits to 
10 credits.