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The followers of the Eternal Path, formally known as the Avengers, were formed in the year 671 AD as a result of changing views amongst members of the Abhaen and the Taekyon. Their years of close cooperation resulted in long-held beliefs of each guild taking root in members of the other, soon leading to a spiritual revolution in which the old ways were reforged into a new philosophy better suited to the present age.

Blending the monastic and martial traditions of the Monk and the Predator within their monastery high in the Paran Mountains, the Avengers maintain a strong working relationship with the Antiochan Protectorate and her Crusaders. While the City's sacred defenders guard the walls and protect the populace from blatant aggression, it is the Avengers who are called upon to ensure that nothing lurks in the shadows and corrupts the city in secret.

However they choose to bring ruin upon their enemies, all brothers and sisters of the monastery believe in the mastery of the self: untainted by magick, untouched by the demon, in perfect harmony between body and mind. Only then can they cut through the deceit and delusions of their enemies to see with perfect clarity, and only then will they turn to face the world.

That is when the wicked will know true fear.