Idols and Golems - Imperian Online Help

17.30.1 Idols and Golems

Fragments of golems can be combined into a small idol which will contain the power to summon a helpful or entertaining golem.

Three types of golems are currently known: Garnet, Turquoise, and Topaz.

To create an idol, you must find six golem parts of the same colour that are scattered across the land during a treasure hunt. You will be able to find one golem part per hour.


 IDOL COMBINE <colour>
  - If you have all six pieces (head, torso, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg) of the same colour, you can combine them into a completed idol.

 IDOL COUNT [<colour>]
  - Shows you a list of idols and pieces that you have obtained.

 IDOL TRADE <idol piece> TO <person> [CONFIRM]
  - Allows you to transfer one of your idol pieces to another person.
 IDOL SUMMON <colour>|<idol #>
  - Summon a golem to help or entertain you.

  - Red idols summon a powerful garnet golem that will follow you and aid you in attacking your enemies, doing damage to them. The golem will last for 5 minutes before it will decay into dust. The idol will only allow you to summon the golem 5 times before the idol itself will also decay. The commands in HELP 7.1 should work with this golem.

  - Blue idols summon a helpful turquoise golem that will follow you. You may touch it to summon a prismatic barrier about yourself. Summoning a barrier will not require or use balance or equilibrium, but it will have a short cooldown associated with it. The blue golem will last for 5 minutes, and the idol will allow you to summon it 5 times.

  - Yellow idols summon a series of topaz golems that will spring from the ground in the room that you use the idol in. Topaz golems do not like each other, so they will not abide being in the same room with another topaz golem. Topaz golems also do not like people, small children, animals, or long walks on the beach. They will be aggressive to people they encounter. The yellow idol will continually spawn golems every 6 seconds until it has summoned 50 golems, or until it runs out of room to place new golems. The yellow idol has the power to summon 250 golems total.

  - When you use an idol, the idol will disappear for 5 minutes. Then it will return to your inventory, unless you have exhausted all of its power.