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12.14.24 Iaat Valley and Crevonix Tower

Lying beyond the small towne of Tayar, the Iaat Valley is ruled by the  
heavy hand of Crevonix and his mutilated, frightening creations. The    
echoes of his depraved laughter carries on the hills of the Valley, as  
his creatures lend their voices to his maniac voice.                    

Once a man of pure magicks, Crevonix used to reside within Tayar. He    
taught the townespeople the wonders of magick, and the purities that can
be discovered when magick and nature are perfectly combined. However,   
his interest with magick soon included the perverse and he was banned   
from returning to Tayar. Cast out into the night, Crevonix wandered the 
Iaat Valley with the few small minions he had created and followers he  
had found within Tayar.                                                 

The Iaat Valley proved to be too large to wander without some beacon    
available to keep the outcasts from getting completely lost, and so     
almost over night, the Tower Crevonix was constructed on the vacated    
remains of another and dominated the horizon of the Valley.             

The Tower, as those few who have ventured into it can attest, has       
numerous floors between the dungeon and laboratories far below to the   
top turret high above. The passages within the Tower are... unstable,   
and the entrance is heavily guarded.                                    

Both Tower and Valley are littered with Crevonix's mutations. Those     
further out in the Valley a testament to his early works, and his       
guards, or those closer to the Tower his more recent grafted creations. 

Once his Tower was built, and his creatures roamed freely across the    
Valley, Crevonix ordered them to attacked Tayar. Some brought back the  
corpses of the individuals they had slain, as an offering to their      
master so Crevonix could continue his studies. Crevonix found the       
corpses most interesting, and joined them with the beating hearts of    
other animals. Soon, Crevonix had created an army of cretins so vile and
terrible the citizens of Tayar always had nightmares - fear may not have
been allowed to seep into their minds while they woke, but in the       
darkness of night one cannot protect their dreams.                      

It was during these later attacks that most of his followers had left   
him, and had attempted to find their home once more within Tayar.       
However, where Crevonix had allowed them to freely leave his side, the  
Tayarians brutally beat back the new refugees. With this new acquired   
hatred, the Fjierens had sought a home within the Iaat Valley where they
too might assist Crevonix but not live around his frightening minions.  

To this day, Crevonix uses his minions as he so pleases. Most roam about
the Valley, the stronger beings keeping guard within his Tower. The     
thrilled laughter of Crevonix still echoes on the hills of the Iaat     
Valley, the sole reminder that within the Tower he thrives.