Honourable Combat - Imperian Online Help

13.15 Honourable Combat


Honourable Combat takes place on the Fields of Honour between two or more
organisations. Once started, any with appropriate experience will be able to
join the competition, and thus claim a gauntlet that will stay with them for
the duration of the game. Once a gauntlet is claimed and worn, a challenger may
challenge any other wearer, if they are ten circles of experience or less
lower, or up to thirty levels of experience higher than the person they
challenge. You will then be taken to the Fields of Honour to battle each other
in single combat!

Each victory will give a person a point, as well as their organisation, and the
loser will be slain and travel to Dis in the normal fashion, save for the fact
that they will only lose 25% of the usual experience they would lose due to
death. Once you reach the Fields, you have ten minutes for one or other to be
victorious, or both will die and their organisations will lose a point. Once in
battle, you will not be able to challenge anyone else for fifteen minutes, or
the same person for one hour, and removal of the gauntlet will forfeit all your
gained points. You also may not challenge another member of your city, council,
order or guild. 

The Fields of Honour look harshly upon those who attempt to cheat, for example,
logging out during combat, deliberately running constantly, attempting to force
a player to remove their gauntlet, or deliberately standing and allowing
someone to kill them solely for points. 

JOIN HONOUR/HONOURABLE COMBAT - Gives you a gauntlet that must be worn. Once
worn, removal will forfeit your points.
HCOMBAT SCORE - Shows the score of your organisation.
HCOMBAT RANKINGS - Shows your personal ranking.
HCOMBAT WHO - Shows a list of combatants currently online.
HCOMBAT CHALLENGE <player> - Challenges said person.