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8.14 Guild Structure

Each guild has the ability to create leadership positions within the guild, assign various privilege to each such position, as well as appoint aides to each position, who can also have their own list of privileges granted by the aideship.

The list of available positions can be seen using GUILD POSITIONS by those who have this privilege (this can be seen on GUILD PRIVS). This lists all the leadership positions within the guild and who holds them, as well as who the aides are. The position holders can see more detailed information about their position, including the privileges assigned to the position.

The guildmaster can create and destroy guild positions as needed, using the following commands:

GUILD POSITION CREATE <name> <long name>
GUILD POSITION RENAME <name> TO <new long name>

The commands require the internal position name, which is displayed on GUILD POSITIONS (only the guildmaster and the position holders can see this info).

The guildmaster can also appoint players to positions, one player per position. If the guild needs more players in a single position, the GUILD POSITION DUPLICATE command can be used to easily create multiple positions with identical privileges.

THe following commands are used to appoint players to positions:

GUILD APPOINT <player> TO <position>
GUILD OUST <player> FROM <position>

Each position can have an unlimited number of aides. Aides can be appointed and dismissed by the guildmaster, as well as by the guild members who currently holds the position. The associated commands are:

GUILD AIDE <player> TO <position>
GUILD UNAIDE <player> FROM <position>

Each position has a list of assigned privileges, and a list of privileges granted to the aides. Aides can only be granted privileges that the position has assigned. The following commands can be used to assign privileges:


Only the guildmaster can assign privileges to positions, aide privileges can be changed by both the guildmaster and the current position holder. Using the GUILD ASSIGN command without parameters displays the list of available privileges. If a position has the Bankaccounts privilege, it is possible to specify a budget, which restricts how much gold the position holder can withdraw per an Imperian month. The Bankaccounts privilege can not be assigned to aides of the position.

In addition to specifying position privileges, the guildmaster can also change the guild privileges that are given to guild members upon reaching a particular guild rank.
GUILD ASSIGN <privilege> TO RANK <name>
GUILD REMOVE <privilege> FROM RANK <name>
GUILD RANK 1-20 <new rank name>

The current distribution of privileges across guild ranks can be viewed using the GUILD RANKPRIVS command. The guildmaster can also rename the available guild ranks. Privileges can be removed from ranks entirely, they are then available only by being assigned to guild positions. The guildmaster always has all the privileges.

One special privileges exist that cannot be assigned to a guild rank - Secretary.

The Secretary privilege can only be assigned to positions, not to aides, and has several effects. It causes the position holder to appear in the secretary list on HELP <guildname>, increases the strength of guildfavours used by this person, grants the ability to use guild privileges on guild members with a higher rank, and may also grant other guild-specific privileges such as opening certain doors or containers.